Medication Assisted Treatment Done Right

Medication Assisted Treatment Done Right

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We are Orange County’s premier provider when it comes to medically assisted treatment (MAT). Visit our Clinical Office in Irvine, California to receive a comprehensive evaluation based on your medical history. We have Orange County’s best Suboxone doctors at our Suboxone clinic in Irvine.  Our knowledgeable staff and experienced experts are ready to help you get on track for a successful treatment plan. It is possible to recover from drug addiction through this evidence based proven method.

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Our Orange County Suboxone clinic is conveniently located in Irvine, right off of the 405 freeway. We are currently also offering telemedicine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Call us today to eliminate cravings and start your recovery.

Many of our Suboxone doctors are board certified physicians that are qualified to work with you to overcome your opioid dependence. They have helped thousands of patients recover from addiction and eliminate withdrawal symptoms.

Pain Managment

We offer alternative pain management options to help you keep your pain in check without having to rely on traditional highly addictive opiates. Let us help you find the most effective pain management option. 

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Benefits of Suboxone

Pain Management

Pain is often a reason people become subject to opioid addiction. Suboxone is a great way to manage pain without the high risk of abuse. This is key to those who are struggling with pain management.

Stops Cravings

Suboxone does not produce a high and only allows for someone to feel normal. These non addictive qualities make Suboxone such an effective method of overcoming addiction.

Withdrawal Aid

Suboxone makes the brain produce the same reaction that it would while taking drugs. This reduces withdrawal symptoms and allows for an individual to change harmful habits into healthy ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is the general term for using less problematic medicines to help one overcome a substance use disorder. They are most commonly used to treat opioid use disorders and alcohol use disorders. By giving those addicted to drugs less addicted and euphoric drugs, they can more easily overcome their addictions.

MAT drugs are FDA approved and deemed both safe and effective in treating substance use disorders. They are a recommended course of treatment for moderate to severe opioid use disorders and occasionally severe alcohol use disorders.

Abstinence works for some. But with how substance use disorders change the mind, it is very hard for most to get clean, especially for opioid users. These MAT drugs are much less addictive and euphoric, helping those addicted with cravings and living a productive life. As one gets accustomed to a life without extreme highs, they can move away from substance-using behavior. As behaviors change, dosages can be slowly lowered so that the patient is eventually completely drug-free.

Addiction recovery is a long-term goal and everyone involved needs to be patient. Addiction and opioid use disorder is a life threatening condition that is more difficult to recover from than anyone without a history of opioid addiction could imagine. There is a reason your loved one has been struggling to get clean time after time. MAT drugs help those with intense inescapable cravings more easily avoid relapse, especially during the first 12 to 18 months of recovery.

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